Thailand’s Best Teeth Whitening Products - Home Kits, Gels, Strips & Toothpaste

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Being known all around the world as ‘The Land of Smiles’ means it should come as no surprise that the best teeth whitening kits for use in the comfort of your own home are manufactured and sold here in Thailand. It’s not just a nickname either, if we look at some recent statistics, you’ll notice it’s ranked as the best country for dental tourism in 2017.

Okay, maybe we are a little bias since we live and work in Phuket, however we are not making up the figures and the number of people who are travelling abroad for their dental work is continually on the increase for us, most of whom are looking to make their smile a little brighter.

In most countries a visit to the dentist to get that perfect smile you’ve always wanted is an experience only the upper class can enjoy due to the cost of the treatment, and for some the process is just a little too frightening. It’s these points which has made finding the best at home whitening kit a quest for many people, including yourself.

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The 3 Main Reasons You Should Use Teeth Whitening Kits

With fashion and lifestyle being such a major part of your everyday life, it’s not easy to avoid all the chatter about the latest and best teeth whitening products as they hit the market, but why are so many people choosing the “Do it Yourself” method to get a few shades whither?

1. Less visits to the local dentist

This can be a major factor if you feel a little apprehensive about climbing into the chair at a dental clinic. For some the trip to the dentist is a cause for panic. There are so many of our patients who suffer the pain of a sore tooth for months because of their fear, which is one of the toughest emotions to overcome. But, for most people it doesn’t need to be.

There is no substitute for your daily brushing routine, and these home whitening products are designed as a replacement for your annual check-up at the clinic. However, for those who are looking to get 1-2 shades whiter or remove a few unwanted coffee stains then getting your hands on the best home teeth whitening kits available is a great option that will allow you to feel in control, and far more comfortable while you apply the treatment.

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2. The convenience

Filling your already busy day with another appointment to visit the local dentist every few weeks isn’t the exactly the most convenient way to get a brighter smile, and it’s what makes DIY home lightening kits for your teeth so appealing for so many people. You can go through the process in your own time and have it all finished as fast or as slow as you like.

Being a portable solution, you can take it anywhere too. We know people who have been able to wear the home lightening kits while at the office. These kits are designed for anyone who lives their life on the go!

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3. Cost effective

We all like to get the best deal and product for our money, and it’s no secret that visiting a dentist for professional teeth whitening can do some serious damage to our bank accounts, and in most cases you need to visit the clinic more than once. While an expert service does deliver premium results, you can use teeth whitening kits at home to achieve the amazing smile that you’re dreaming of without spending a fortune.

In fact, with the advancements in medical technology during recent years it’s never been easier to get your hands on teeth whitening toothpastes, whitening strips and bleaching kits. Most of these products can now be found on Amazon or over the counter at your local pharmacy.

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How does the teeth whitening process work?

All of the best bleaching products contain peroxide to dissolve the stains on your teeth by entering the small pores in the enamel. The chemical reaction allows more light to pass further through the teeth which makes their appearance brighter and cleaner.

Using home teeth whitening kits are considered much more effective than the products you can purchase over the counter, as they remove the internal stains on your teeth by using laser and LED lights to penetrate the enamel rather than just brightening the surface area of each tooth.

How you can use the DIY method at home? Will it be safe?

The biggest question about using teeth whitening products is whether or not they are safe for you to use at home. With ingredients like peroxide being found in common household bleaching products, putting a chemical into your mouth can be a cause for alarm. Because of this, both the NHS in the UK and the American Dental Association have created a detailed list of strict guidelines on the safest way for teeth whitening products to be used at home, which include:

Any product that includes a peroxide that separates into hydrogen peroxide when used is limited to having only 10% in total.

The NHS does recommend consulting with your dentist prior to using any home based bleaching product.

Only use the teeth whitening kits as directed. Apply the product to the surface of your teeth while avoiding getting any on your gums.

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Following the instructions is the most important part of using any product at home. There has been hundreds of case studies published about specific teeth whitening kits that are available over the counter. While most do appear to be safe, even some of the top rated kits have made headlines when over used and cause a negative effect. There are also others which are considered weak or watered down to a point that makes it ineffective on any stains.

These are the main reasons for publishing this article. We want you to have access to honest and accurate information about the best path to that perfect smile, from the comfort of your own home.

What exactly are my options if I want to do it myself at home?

There are many ways to get a brighter smile without needing to spend hundreds of dollars at the dentist. Listed below you’ll read more about each of the 6 main processes that are available on the market:



DIY Kits

Custom & Pre-made Whitening Trays

Bleach combined with UV Light

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What Are Teeth Whitening Strips

You can think of whitening strips as a kind of sticky tape that contains gel and other ingredients to brighten your teeth. The majority of these products require at least 30 minutes of application and should be used at least twice each day to have the best results. If you’re on a budget, these strips are definitely the best approach, however many people do find the effects are not as long lasting as they expected if the treatment is stopped. For more details about whitening strips click here to visit our full review page.

About Whitening Toothpaste

Using a high strength whitening toothpaste in place of your current brand is by far the easiest way to see positive changes to the brightness of your teeth. Simply follow the same habit of brushing each morning and night to see surface stains and plaque from drinking coffee or red wine disappear completely.

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Over the Counter Gel Kits

A quick search online can find hundreds of do it yourself home bleaching kits, however if you’re not careful and know what to look for it’s easy to purchase one that could be complicated, have little effect or could even be unsafe if used incorrectly. Generally a home lightning kit will come with a user guide that steps you though the process and should contain the information needed to answer any questions you might have along the way. All of the teeth whitening kits we recommend contain detailed data and we have used them ourselves so we know what to expect.

Getting started with your DIY Teeth Whitening kit begins with moulding the tray to the shape of your mouth. This process is just like fitting a mouth guard. It takes around 3-4 minutes and you’ll need some boiling hot water. Once the tray is moulded to your teeth, simply fill it up with the gel provided and insert into your mouth. We strongly recommend reading the instructions for treatment time as the strength of each product can vary. If you begin to feel irritations on your gums be sure to remove the tray and rinse your mouth as soon as possible.

There has always been a ranging view on the use of these products and which makes finding the ‘best home whitening kit’ which is why we decided to test them all from a professional point of view and give you the ones that were safe, and offered great results after just a few weeks of treatment

Custom & Pre-made Lightening Trays

Being a dentist this approach is by far the one we prefer to recommend to all our patients. It does require a visit to the clinic to have your teeth assessed and the tray made for you, which also gives you time to speak to an expert about the process and get the best possible advice. You can click here to read more about the service we offer and make an appointment for having your custom lighting tray made and learn how to use it.

One of the main benefits of using this method is being able to access ingredients that are not offered in ‘over the counter’ teeth whitening kits, while not costing as much as a full laser or LED lighting treatment at our clinic.

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Over the Counter Gel Kits

Do it yourself home bleaching kits are available for online purchase, and can be a little complicated when using it for the first time. Each home lightening kit generally comes with a user manual to guide you step by step through the entire process and should contain everything you need to get started. The instructions are fairly simple, all you have to do is dip the moulds into boiling water and fit it onto your teeth, just like fitting a mouthguard. Once you have moulded your tray, add the whitening gel halfway up the inner front surface of the tray. Then insert the tray into your mouth firmly against the teeth, wiping off any excess gel that may appear on your gums with your fingers or a tissue. It is best to read the instructions and follow the directions carefully to avoid any irritation to the gums.

Overall there are very mixed opinions regarding the effects of the so called “best home whitening kits” and according to the product reviews, people’s experiences seem to vary but generally people were quite happy with the outcome after using these kits, but did mention that you would have to commit to executing this exercise several times a week for several weeks to see results. Find out what everybody is saying about the best DIY whitening kits by reading our reviews page on the website.

LED Gel Kits

Easily the most costly path to having whiter teeth, the LED home whitening kits are great for speeding up the effects that the gel offers. By exposing a tooth to a blue LED light the gel reacts quicker and you’ll see stains disappearing within a few days rather than a few weeks.

So what is everyones view on Teeth Whitening?

All over the world Thailand is known as the land of smiles, and having beautiful white teeth plays a big part in that. Teeth whitening kits are fast becoming more popular with locals and tourists alike all dream for having an amazing smile.

We hope you found this article interesting and feel more confident in searching for the best home teeth whitening kits that suits all your requirements.

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