Professional Teeth Whitening & Brightening In Thailand

3 big smiles

A person with an amazing smile and glowing white teeth is always going to make an impression on everyone. Whether you are searching to remove some stains or just need a quick review you are in the right place.

Finding The Best Teeth Whitening System

Thailand is known for its stunning landscape and beautiful beaches as well as being the ‘Land of Smiles’ making it the best country for dental tourism in the world. For years the dentists in our clinic have helped patients regain confidence in their own smile and go on to achieve their personal and professional goals.

There are a number of services and teeth whitening kits you can use at home which claim to be the best, but the truth is that the products available to dentists are much more effective and delivery results that last! Also you get the benefits of dedicated and professional support from industry experts rather than a marketing company.

Natural & Safe Materials

Through our years of education and experience in the teeth whitening market our dentists have seen and used every technology that’s available today. Out of all the products on the market we always recommend Kor to our local and international patients.

Kor is a professional teeth whitening system that gets every individual tooth looking naturally whiter and brighter than ever before. The treatment is designed as a permanent solution to anyone wanting to enjoy a smile makeover and is far more effective than any other whitening agents you might have seen or even used in the past.

By using a peroxide based whitening gel we are able restructure each tooth so that oxygen is absorbed quickly and dissolves the molecules that causes stains on your teeth. Your dentist will also provide you with custom made whitening trays which can be taken home and allows you to extend the time of your treatment. These trays are designed force the gel into every area of your mouth to get the best whitening effects possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

The current state of your teeth will be a big factor in making sure you get the right treatment that delivers results as soon as possible so we suggest giving the clinic a call or request an appointment with your dentist to talk about your goals. Below there are some prices that will give you a general idea on the costs that might be involved.

Deep Whitening
From $155
Standard Whitening
From $99

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Phuket

When it comes to teeth whitening there are hundreds of options, but you won’t find a better service than at Phuket Dental Centre. Our dentists will take the time to understand what you are wanting to achieve and make sure that you have all the information needed to be completely comfortable about receiving the treatment.

You can setup an appointment using the button below. For international patients you can request a brief skype call with the dentist before you arrive and we have a number of dental holiday services that will make your entire experience a memorable one. Go ahead, click the button to get started.