Professional Teeth Cleaning & Dental Check Up Services

professional hygienists

When it comes to your oral health there is only so much your daily brushing and flossing routines can really do. In order to have a great smile that shines all year round it’s recommended to schedule a dental check up that includes a professional teeth cleaning service at least once every 8 to 12 months.

What’s Included & The Oral Health Benefits

Having your teeth cleaned by our dental hygienist will leave your entire mouth feeling refreshed and renewed. During the appointment we will carefully inspect and clean every tooth individually to ensure that any plaque and tarter build up is completely removed. We have a number of specialized tools and techniques here at Phuket Dental Centre that are no match for your toothbrush.

After the initial cleaning stage has been completed, your dental hygienist will begin polishing the entire surface of your teeth to strip away any residual stains before applying an abrasive fluoride treatment to protect your enamel for months to come.

Our team of professional hygienists play a vital role in the teeth cleaning and check up treatments. Being like a nurse to a doctor, they are trained to assist with all procedures a dentist provides while also being able to perform procedures directly.

What Makes Our Hygienist’s Unique

Our dental hygienist will begin the appointment by conducting an oral examination of your gums for disease and tooth decay. During this stage they may start documenting anything that is either noteworthy or has changed since your last visit to the clinic. Sometimes you may also be asked about any medications you are currently taking or allergies that you are away of. All of this information is used to chart and track your complete oral health.

Once the initial assessment has been completed, your hygienist will being to administer the teeth cleaning treatment. All of our staff have been specially trained to perform cleaning on patients who have existing treatments such as invisible braces, dental implants or crowns

How Much Will It Cost?

Professional Cleaning
From $100
Annual Checkup
From $80

Dental Check Up Specialists

Our check up and professional teeth cleaning services are always available and we offer the best price in Phuket by ensuring our hygienists are training and qualified to complete a number of minor procedures. This means that while your dentist will review and assess your teeth at the time of the appointment, the treatment can be carried out by the hygienist quite easily.

Because of this process it means you can generally confirm a booking for the following day, instead of waiting for a full appointment with the dentist which can sometimes take weeks. To get started, you can use the button below to get in touch with our staff about your booking or any questions you may have.