Professional Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Thailand

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When you think about visiting a dentist it’s natural to picture teeth being cleaned or other dental work being carried out, however at Phuket Dental Centre we offer more than the standard services and offer our patients professional facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and face lift procedures.

Why A Dentist Is The Best Choice

A huge part of the training that a dentist needs to complete to become licensed is being able to administer injections in and around your mouth while keeping the process as pain free as possible. It’s relatively unknown that the same areas being targeted area used for facial cosmetic surgery, which means you are in the safe hands of a professional with the correct background knowledge of all the muscles and nerves on your face.

Every one of our dentists are certified to carry out any type of facial rejuvenation treatment you are considering. Click the button below to speak with our friendly staff or continue reading to see more information on the processes as well as cheap prices we can offer being based in Phuket.

How Much Do Botox Injections Cost?

Similar to any of the dental treatments that we offer it is recommended to speak with our staff for an individual quote to make sure all of your expectations are met and you are completely satisfied. Below is a price table that provides an overview of the facial rejuvenation services and their costs that we offer

Facial Rejuvenation
Lip Reduction
From $1800
Skin Cleaning
From $40
Single Botox Injection
From $250

Get Botox in Phuket

With their solid foundation in understanding how the face works, we have made sure to train all of our dentists to become certified Botox and dermal filler practitioners.

When it comes to improving how a person feels about their teeth, they can have the most radiant smile possible, but the surrounding areas of the mouth that show age and wear can still negatively impact a patient’s self esteem.

Minor Cosmetic Surgery Done Discreetly

Being able to have your Botox or minor face lift completed at a dental clinic means you won’t have to talk with your friends or family about searching online for the best Dr for face lift surgery in Thailand or feeling a little apprehensive about walking into a cosmetic surgery office. This approach also saves you time and money by visiting a single clinic for all your treatments.

To get started just click the button below and schedule your appointment where our friendly staff can step you through the treatment you are considering having and provide you with the best way to get your face looking exactly how you want it.