Your Own Mouth Guard For Grinding Teeth & More

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Whether you are looking for a mouth guard that will protect your teeth from grinding while you sleep or you need a custom made model for participating in some local Muai Thai training camps here in Phuket, you’re in the right place for getting professional support and service.

Professionally Made Custom Mouthguards

At Phuket Dental Centre you will receive a complete professional assessment of your teeth and a custom made guard that is made on site. This means you can save hundreds of dollars as we are both the manufacturer and supplier.

Regardless of which type of mouth guard you need to protect your teeth or jaw joints having the correct design is essential to maintaining your dental health for years to come. Your dentist will talk with you about the entire process and answer any questions you may have before creating the perfect mould of your entire mouth. Click the button below to get in touch with us today.

Why You Might Need a Night Guard

Clenching your jaw while you are sleeping is a fairly common trait and it’s one that is often overlooked. The pressure on your teeth every night can be the cause of having sore face muscles during the day and even give you severe headaches in the mornings. Any existing dental work like tooth crowns or any teeth replacement you have had done are also at risk of being damaged.

It’s quite a simple process to make a mouth guard that can be worn while you sleep. They can be used during the day as needed as well if you feel there is tension building up in your jaw muscles. A custom made occlusal guard will ensure that the profile and alignment of your teeth is correct as using an over the counter version can actually make your pain worse and the pressure applied to your jaw stronger since they are only made from basic rubber which becomes soft to bite after a short period of time.

Custom Mouth Guard For Sports

Given our location it is common for international patients who visit the clinic for teeth cleaning to ask about a custom mouth guard for their Thai boxing training sessions, as well as rough contact sports they play when they are back home. Similar to the night guards, having one made specifically for your tooth profile is a great way to keep your smile safe while you’re in the ring.

You can lessen the impact and even completely avoid serious injuries by having the proper guard fitted compared to a generic design. A little more cost now can also save you a lot of money in the long run because of the superior protection that is offered which can mean you won’t need major dental surgery should something untoward happen while you’re playing your favourite sport.

Mouth Guards
Training Mouth Guard
From $150
Night Guard
From $120

Are They Comfortable

Like most new things, it can take a few days to feel comfortable wearing your new mouth guard, however the majority of our patients comment on the peace of mind and extra confidence that they feel during their sporting activity. Of course everyone is unique and it might only take you a few hours to get used to the feeling of the guard in your mouth.

Your dentist will always be available to review and adjust the guard after a few days if necessary in the rare case the fit is a little off. You can get in touch with us by clicking the button below to schedule a date to visit or chat with our friendly staff before arriving.