Professionally Fitted Crowns and Veneers in Thailand

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When it comes to dental crowns and veneers we want to make sure that all of our patents are completely informed on the differences that each of these treatments provide. A lot of people who contact us believe that they are the same procedure, and while there are similarities in how each technique is carried out, both have very different results.

What’s The Difference?

We find getting started with the basics is often the best way to explain the differences. The main point to remember is that a tooth crown is simply an encasing that will cover your entire tooth and is most commonly used after procedures such as a root canal have been carried out. A veneer on the other hand will only ever be attached to the front facing side of your tooth, which is great for concealing any abnormalities that may be present.

In summary, what really differentiates crowns and veneers is how much of the tooth they actually cover and there will always be individual factors in your long term oral health plan that need to be considered when choosing veneers over crowns, or vice versa.

In most cases we find it better to use a crown to replace teeth entirely. This way we are rebuilding each tooth all the way down to the gum while maintaining its natural look and feel as well as function.

Of course there are cases where veneers are more suitable and allow us to restore your tooth to its natural appearance by replacing the enamel on the front facing side. Generally we only recommend using this treatment to address cosmetic defects such as coloring, shaping and positioning of your teeth.

Your initial consultation will include a detailed assessment of your complete oral health in order for your dentist to determine which of these two treatments are more suitable for your needs.

Non Metal Crown
Porcelain bonded to metal
From $600
Full metal crown
From $475

Treatment Benefits

There are a number of reasons that you can benefit from either one of these procedures. Whether you have undergone root canal therapy or just have some natural tooth decay that you want repaired, either of these options are a good starting point when talking with our dentists.

Non-standard porcelain veneer
From $450
Standard porcelain veneer
From $300

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