Professional Cosmetic Smile Makeover In Thailand

happy couple with white teeth

Whether you are unsatisfied with how you teeth look when you smile or experience pain in your jaw joints and muscles, a dental makeover is the perfect solution to isolating and correcting the cause of each issue and regaining your confidence with some minor cosmetic enhancements. The treatment involves assessing and possibly recreating each of the individual teeth in your mouth to get the bite alignment and appearance looking great in 5 simple steps.

More Than Fixing Bad Teeth

The first step in transforming your smile is spending some time with our dentists to talk about your current dental health and your expectations. There could be alternate options such as teeth replacement or veneers which are more beneficial for your individual case. For international visitors we can complete a portion for the initial stage via phone, email and video conferencing.

A cosmetic smile make over is unique to each person so getting X Rays and 3D scans of your teeth and jaw is the second step in the process. These 2 stages are the most important for making sure all of your questions are answered and you feel comfortable about the how your new smile will look.

Talk With Your Dentist

Whether it’s braces, teeth whitening, or implants, at this stage your dentist will have extensive options and suggestions for you to review. At this point you might have more than 1 procedure that needs to be completed so be sure to take your time, do some research and ask your dentist anything you are unsure about.

At Phuket Dental Centre each of our staff are trained to answer any questions you have about your cosmetic smile make over and want you to be completely comfortable throughout the entire experience. If you are getting multiple corrections and enhancements completed you can contact us at any time before, during and after your treatment.

What Are the Costs

While most of our treatments have some variation, if you need an extreme dental makeover there will be more time involved compared with a few adjustments to improve your smile. Below is a general price guide, however we strongly suggest calling or emailing the clinic for a more itemized quote.

Smile Makeover
Extreme Dental Makeover
Call For Quote
Standard Smile Makeover
From $1500

Creating The Perfect Smile

There may be a number of visits to the clinic required to administer all the treatments during your smile make over. Generally speaking its good to allow for 2-5 visits over a few weeks or even months depending on the dental work you are having done. For international patients we offer some great packages that include accommodation and transport among others to make your stay in Thailand one that you will remember for ever.

You can get in touch with one of our staff via phone or email, just click the button below and setup a time that suits you to get started and they will get back to you as soon as possible. It’s super easy.