The Best Dental Clinic In Phuket

inside the office

Phuket Dental Centre is the leading dental service for both general and cosmetic dentistry in Phuket.

Time and experience has proven to us that patients need a place where they can receive both general and cosmetic services, which is why we pride ourselves in offering both.

Dedicated to professionalism, thoroughness, and excellence, we want to always go above and beyond the call of duty for our patients. We know that many people dread coming to the dentist’s office, even if it is just for a check-up, but we want to help do away with this common fear.

Our team has created an environment that is both welcoming and comforting so that you will not have inhibitions or paranoia when it comes to getting all of your dental procedures done with us. To make this possible, we also inform our patients that we only current technologies.

A lot of the bad stigma that is attached to dentistry stems from a time where antiquated technologies genuinely did make going to the dentist a nightmare. Those days are long gone thanks to all of the modern technologies we use at our office, and we are committed to informing our patients so they can fully comprehend just how seamless modern dentistry really has become.

When it comes to offering general dentistry services, we specialise in check-ups, cleanings, x-rays, mouth guards, and root canals. Aiming to provide a quick and comprehensive service, all of our general dentistry is done in our office.

We are happy to work with everyone’s schedules and will do our best to schedule every appointment to your convenience.

For our cosmetic dentistry, we offer crowns and veneers, smile makeovers, teeth whitening, dental implants, invisible braces, and even facial rejuvenation treatments. Our wide range of services are amazing because it means you have the option to go to one place and get everything you could ever need addressed when it comes to your dental care needs.

Whether it is your annual cleaning, you have trauma to a tooth, or you want to improve the functionality of your teeth, our highly-trained professionals can help with every requirement you may have.

We have gained our reputation for being the leading dentist office because we only accept excellence in everything we do. Our services are designed to allow both individuals and families to have a lifelong dentist through our services. We are dedicated to creating an experience unlike any other, which is why we make sure to only use the best technologies and professionals possible.

All of our dentists are fully trained and licensed, and as part of their employment with us are required to take continuing education every year to keep all their skills fine-tuned.

In wanting to help every person we possibly can with their dental health, we have made our amazing services as affordable as possible. If you still have questions about our doctors, services, or even just general queries about payments, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Our friendly and helpful staff are always on stand-by to help you in any way they can, so please contact us through the online portal, email, or telephone to inquire and schedule your appointment.