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dental implants in phuket

Complete Dental Solutions For You & Your Family

At Phuket Dental Centre, we aim to accommodate everyone by offering you a wide range of services in one convenient location

Our goal is to give you access to a quality dentist which you can rely on for life, no matter where you live in the world.

Whether it’s to maintain your general dental health or if you need cosmetic services, we want to be the lifetime go-to cosmetic dental clinic for you and your family’s needs.

We make sure to only hire staff members that are have the appropriate educational background, experience, and passion to do the job properly

Even more, we strive to create a service that is both realistic and affordable for all our patients so that they have assurance they are getting the best quality care at the best price possible in Phuket.

With years of experience and an excellent reputation proceeding us, we guarantee to always do the job right the first time.

With multiple ways to contact us, feel free to either leave us an inquiry on the website, email, or directly call our office.

Our friendly staff is are always standing by to answer any queries and schedule your appointment straight away.

We look forward to serving you!

The Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic For Your Teeth

Phuket Dental Centre is a dentist office with professionals dedicated to serving every patient with great care, confidence, and expert services.

We have a longstanding reputation in Phuket as being one of the leading dentistry practices, all thanks to our amazing staff, commitment to excellence, and highly trained dentists.

We are dedicated to providing a wide array of services so that we can help as many people as possible.

Given that our team has years of experience in giving excellent oral care, we know the value creating a home-like environment where you can feel comfortable and confident your dental health is our top priority.

Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Any Type Dental Procedure & Treatment Services

Whether you are interested in general or cosmetic services for your teeth we recognize the benefit of offering both types of services.

We cater to everyone who may be requiring one of our services, regardless their situation, and we pride ourselves on giving excellent care at the best rate possible.

One of the most standard and necessary forms of dentistry is a routine cleaning and check-up treatments.

We have fully trained and qualified dental hygienists that have years of experience in treating patients ranging from children all the way to elderly adults. They are knowledgeable about oral hygiene. Our Hygienists work alongside our dentists to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Dental Implant, Braces & Whitening Treatment & Specialists

We also offer affordable dental implants for local and international patients who want to completely and permanently replace their teeth.

This is a great option for patients that are struggling with normal day-to-day routines like eating and chewing their food.

Striving to give convenience and peace of mind, we want you to have every option possible when it comes to addressing and correcting your teeth.

Some of our other service our clinic provides are more traditional, like a complete smile makeover, teeth whitening, and invisible braces.

We have perfected our smile makeover service for our patients by consolidating it into a five-step, fully comprehensive service. With the initial consultation being free, our team is ready and willing to go above and beyond your expectations to get you the smile you have always wanted.

Our teeth whitening services only use the best in teeth whitening agents, we highly recommend patients to use Kör to whiten their teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Clinic

We also give you take-home whitening trays so that you can maintain the brightest smile possible for a lifetime.

Our orthodontic services also include Invisalign braces, giving patients that want to fix slightly crooked teeth the ability to do so in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible.

A series of trays that you change every two weeks, Invisalign braces are one of the best ways to straighten teeth with the least amount of hassle, pain, and recognition.

A great option for many, we offer these invisible braces to patients that don’t require heavy orthodontic work, but instead want a less invasive option to fix their slightly crooked smiles.

Even More Ways Our Dentist Will Look After Your Teeth

Our clinic also has the capability to provide you with x-rays, root canals, or fitting for mouth guards.

At Phuket Dental Centre, we only use the best and latest technology. This means for services like x-rays, root canals, and mouth guards, you can be assured you are only getting the best!

When we do dental x-rays, these are done in our clinic for your convenience and comfort.

Providing fast and accurate reports, our dental x-rays are always going to be expertly captured by our team of professional.

For root canals, we only use the best rotary endodontics technology to make this procedure as smooth and painless as possible.

Using our state of the art facilities, we are able to cast and mould both occlusal mouth guards and sports guards for our patients.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality in every one of the services we provide.

Cosmetic Dental Clinic Phuket

About Our Crowns and Veneers Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry is an integral part of the various treatments we provide. We offer a vast range of comprehensive cosmetic services that can help patients address all of their oral health needs.

One of the most utilized cosmetic services we provide are crowns and veneers. Depending upon what each individual patient may require, we offer both.

Crowns are primarily used in instances to fully refurbish an entire tooth, whether it be for functional or cosmetic reasons.

Veneers are added to the original tooth to help fix aesthetic issues like a fragmented tooth or awkward teeth positions. 

More Than Just A Teeth Whitening Clinic…

Our cosmetic services branch out to include facial rejuvenation procedures. Given that our dentists are trained and have a comprehensive knowledge of the face thanks to their schooling, we have members of our team that have trained to administer Botox and dermal filler injections. We also have a number of 

This is great for patients that want the option of maintain anonymity, allowing us to give you the option to have both your oral and facial needs done in one spot.

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